Work Outs

working out for a healthy life

We all know how hard it can be to stick to intense training regimes with all of the hustle and bustle of modern life, particularly those of us who have little ones to think about. Trying to get the exercise is may not be as arduous as you think, and there are many simple and easy things that you can do at home. Check out our handy tips below to help you to keep active when the time is precious.

Fit it in

As long as you get it in, it doesn’t matter how. You can break up your exercise into little chunks if it is easier for you and your timetable. Maybe when you are waiting for something to cook or are watching an advert during your favourite show, quickly get your sweat on and get those calories burning.

High Intensity

Remember, H.I.I.T * High-Intensity Interval Training is a great way of achieving great results when you are struggling for time. H.I.I.T encourages short bursts of exercise at high intensity, helping to burn more calories and boosting your metabolism.

Exercise Everywhere

Resistance bands, dumbbells, skipping ropes and other exercise equipment are easily transported and stored, make sure you carry something on you at all times wherever you are so that when the opportunity arises, you can get that quick workout in.

Work fit

If you have a job that is more sedentary than others, try and get mobile on your breaks/lunch periods. When you are working in a desk job, in particular, it is really important that you get up and moving once in a while. This can also have huge benefits for productivity and can give you the motivation to get through the last chunk of the working day.


Walking is not only a great form of steady exercise but also provides a quick bit of stimulation and revitalisation both physically and mentally. If you are nipping to the local shops, picking the kids up, or just running an errand, leave the car at home.

Set your alarm earlier

Understandably, nobody wants to set their alarm earlier, but morning exercise has such a huge range of both physical and psychological benefits. Start with just ten minutes earlier than your usual time, and get some H.I.I.T in. You can slowly change your alarm to even earlier and the extra boost of energy that you will get from your morning workout will keep you going throughout the day.

Skip the lift

Stairs can be a great cardio exercise and skipping the lift can have lots of benefits without taking up too much of your time. Making little changes such as taking the stairs, getting off the bus a few stops earlier, or even just cleaning with vigour can have a positive effect.

Do what you love

Some people are gym people, some people love the calming effects of yoga, and others love a team sport. If you do not enjoy going to the gym, then find something that you do enjoy. Whether it is meeting up with the girls for a fun-filled Zumba class, or scoring tries for your local rugby team, if you enjoy the exercise you are more likely to stay motivated and to make time for it.